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I have a 4-month old Kahr P9 (black diamond finish) that I would like to trade for a Glock 34.
I'd like to do this in the St. Louis area to avoid shipping, transfers, etc.

I've put about 300 rounds through it. It's been flawless. I've just started using my G19 as my primary carry gun so I don't see a point in keeping the Kahr.

The Kahr has a tiny bit of wear from being carried in holster. I'm also including an IWB holster. Comes with the original box and 2 mags. I also have a third mag that I purchased later that I could toss into the deal.

I'm looking for a G34 in similar condition, with at least 4 mags. (the Kahr does carry a higher price tag)

If you are interested, let me know. I'm happy to point you to some photos.
Obviously, I'm pretty new here. But you can find me on GunBroker and Ebay under the same username - tbarker13. Between those two sites, I have completed close to 300 transactions without any problems.

(Note: i'll be traveling for a few days, but wanted to go ahead and get this listed before I leave)

If I can't find a trading partner, I'll be listing the gun, holster, mags for $600.
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