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WTT Insight Tech M6X Light.Laser Rail Grabber

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by USSOCOM, Jan 24, 2010.



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    Nov 5, 2001
    North Carolina
    I have a like new, been sitting in my safe on my rifle, Insight Technologies M6X and a brand new never used coil cord remote momentary activation switch. I may have the box, but cannot guarantee I can locate it. Not even 30 minutes of use on this sight system.

    Package Includes:
    M6X-000-A13 (Rail-Grabber™)
    The Rail-Grabber™ mount fits most rail configurations whether for a pistol, rifle or shotgun. The Rail-Grabber interface utilizes a screw-adjustable locking plate that can be tightened to insure a rock solid fit.

    CFL-310 Curly Cord activation switch

    Will trade for the following:
    - Lasermax guiderod LMS1141-P for a Glock 17
    - Lasermax Uni-Max Uni-G (green laser)
    - S&W 442
    - Federal HST ammo in 9mm, 40S&W, and .45ACP
    - Corbon DPX 9mm
    - Interesting offers considered

    wolfpacker at gmail got com

    The MIL-spec design and construction of Insight Technology M6X Tactical Laser Illuminator Flashlight takes tactical lighting and target acquisition to the next level. This Insight Technology Tactical Illuminator Light offers the penetrating power of 125 peak Lumens features military-proven visible aiming laser. Military M 6X Weapon Mounted Laser-Flashlight by Insight Technology is waterproof to 20mm/66ft. Optional back plates of the flashlight provide interchangeable switching including pistol long gun with pressure switch and contoured pistol remote. This tactical flashlights with laser sight fits most tactical pistols and shoulder-fired weapons. Available Streamlight Insight Technology M6-X Weapon-Mounted Laser Flashlights: Item Id Name UPC Insight Technology M6X-000-A8 M6X Tactical Laser Flashlight
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