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WTT: Have Stuff..........Need Stuff, part 2

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by rkb3119, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. rkb3119


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    Apr 23, 2000
    I have for trade the following items, am interested in trading for the stuff on the list at the bottom of the page……………………

    Factory Sure Fire V72 polymer light carrier, used, but in excellent condition

    Early Edgewater buffers to fit AR-15/M-16, slightly used, but excellent condition, have several

    Glock Plugs, exactly like Jentra Plugs, to fit all Glock medium frame guns except the ‘baby” Glocks, new and unused, have several

    Desantis nylon ankle holster to fit Glock 26, 27, 33, right hand, well used, but usable

    Early black plastic brass deflector to fit AR-15/M-16, used, but good condition

    Iomega external Zip Drive, used, but good condition

    Pearce Grip, Grip Enhancer W/Mag-Track, to fit Glock 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 31, have two one new in the package and one slightly used

    Hellweg single magazine carriers to fit Glock 17/22, black, right hand, used, but excellent condition, have two

    Set of generic knee pads, designed like Alta, made in China, decent quality, black in color, new in the package

    Generic stiletto style auto knife, new condition

    Smith and Wesson brand LED light, three LEDs, red finish and red LEDs, constant light and flashing, as new condition

    GI M203 leaf sight, carry handle type, as new condition

    Bushmaster factory post-ban, fixed carbine buttstock, complete with buffer and spring, as new condition take off stock

    Bianchi nylon duty holster, Model Defender #7120, right hand, excellent condition

    Black nylon duty belt, size 34/36, very good to excellent condition

    Galco nylon ankle holster, right hand, to fit small frame revolver, used, but in fair to good condition

    Safariland 079 double magazine pouch, plain black, to fit single stack magazines, new in package

    Bianchi nylon double magazine carrier, vertical or horizontal carry, for double stack magazines, used, but in very good condition

    Generic boot knife, leather sheath with metal boot/belt clip, used, fair condition

    Uncle Mike’s soft, inside the pants holster, Size 1, used, but good condition

    Safariland 079 double magazine pouch, plain black, to fit single stack magazines, new, but no package

    Tac Star 12 gauge, 8 shot magazine extension to fit Remington 870 shotgun, new in the package

    Safariland clip on badge holder, for shield type badge, new in the package

    Eagle, nylon inside the pants holster, not sure what it fits, but I can try various firearms for fit if you have interest in the holster, right hand, excellent condition

    Specter Gear (MOUT) sling, black, as new condition

    Vintage Rogers holster, Kydex, black, right hand, to fit 2.5 and 3 inch J-frame Smith and Wesson revolver, excellent condition

    Tactical Tailor MAV Center Adapter, OD, as new condition

    Spegel Boot Grip, to fit Smith and Wesson N-frame, new or as new condition in the package

    Blackhawk Industries Rescue Radio Holder, black, USA made, new in the bag

    Pearce Grip wrap around grip for Para-Ordnance Model P14/P16, new in the package

    Uncle Mike’s Sidekick holster, black in color, Size 0, works right or left hand, new, but no package

    Eagle Industries Undercover Ankle Holster Up Side Down Draw, black in color, has elastic loop for extra mag, Model 380, new in package

    (2) Two each, Kydex magazine pouches to fit Browning Hi-power .40 caliber, black in color, right hand, I was told they are Blade Tech, 1 ¾ inch belt loop, as new condition

    Alessi Belt Slide holster to fit Glock 21, Cordovan Brown, pull through snap, new and unused, no package

    Wenger Swiss Pocketgrip, new in package

    Blackhawk Hydration Carrier, woodland camo, attaches to vest or chest harness via ALICE clips, no bladder, just the carrier, new condition, have 2

    Safariland Shield holder with belt clip (badge holder), new in package

    Camelbak Thermobak, 2L, three color desert, new and unused

    Cold Steel knife, The Spike, clip point, new in the package

    GG&G single point sling attachment to fit Remington 870 shotgun

    Bianchi Shadow holster to fit medium auto, right hand, tan, used in good condition

    Buck folding knife, small folder with NRA logo on the blade, new in the box

    Alessi Belt Slide holster, left hand, cordovan, to fit colt Mustang .380, new and unused

    Uncle Mike’s nylon holster, Size 0, ambi holster to fit revolver, new and unused

    Baseball Cards, 784 Donruss cards, 1992 Coca Cola Special Edition Collector Set, new in the plastic sealed box

    HK Combat Folder knife, new in the box

    Gerber 400 Series Multi-Plier, new in the package

    Cheap, black nylon bandoleer to hold 6 AR-15/M-16 magazines (One in each pouch), new and unused, have 2

    Metal dual magazine clamp to fit AR-15/M-16 magazines, OD green, maker is unknown, excellent condition

    Leather Mauser sling, tan, new or as new condition, have 2

    Smith and Wesson duty handcuff case, plain black, worn finish

    Safariland 3004/6004 shroud, the old style, appears to be a new, take off

    Cold Steel Recon Scout factory kydex sheath, new

    Safariland 6004 holster back, belt mounted type, new and unused

    Set of four, nylon belt keepers, new condition, maker unknown

    USGI M-17 gas mask carrier, used, but good condition, NO mask, just the carrier, have 2

    Bianchi 7/7L holster to fit Glock 26/27, right hand, tan, excellent condition

    Bianchi Accumold OC spray carrier, black nylon, no package, but new

    Nylon/polymer flashlight ring, duty type, maker unknown

    Polymer, carry handle scope mount to fit AR-15/M-16, as new condition, maker unknown

    Uncle Mike’s nylon folding knife case, belt mounted, used, fair to good condition

    Real Tree camo gear bag, used, but functional condition, good size bag

    Don Hume double speed loader carrier, duty type, plain black, brass hardware, used, but serviceable condition, have two

    SP1/M16-A1 triangle handguards, fit 20” barrel, used, some wear and tear, no cracks or major damage

    Generic rubber slip over handgun grip sleeve, black, new and unused

    Generic rubber slip over handgun grip sleeve, grey, new and unused

    Pachmayr PAS BHPM-3 adjustable rear sight to fit Browning Hi-power (Mark III Military and Sport Models), new in the package

    THINGS I AM LOOKING FOR………………………………….

    Tactical load bearing gear, Tactical Tailor, Eagle, Blackhawk, Molle, SOE, Paraclete, HSGI, OD or Woodland Camo, including packs, Molle/Pals pouches, Tactical Tailor single M4 pouches, Tactical Tailor smoke and strobe pouches in OD, or other quality gear, ESSTAC gear of special interest, Discreet carry case for AR-15 carbine

    Chest webbing or vest for subgun mags, Eagle, Blackhawk, other quality gear

    PRI Military Big Latch, new or as new condition, need several

    Full capacity Glock 17 magazines in new or as new condition, FML or NFML

    Any Sure Fire stuff, including parts, beam filters, mounts, and used Sure Fire 6Ps with the round light body

    AK Bulgarian waffle 30 round mags in 7.62 X 39

    Sure Fire Classic weapon mounts: M16, M19, M20, M14, 4 or 5 inch tape switches

    Sure Fire X200A or B handgun weapon light, new or as new condition

    GI AR-15/M-16 mags in as new condition

    Magpul Ranger Plates in any color

    Aimpoint ML2 or M2 in excellent to as new condition

    GG&G T.I.D. to fit Sure Fire 6P/6Z

    GG&G T.I.D. to fit Streamlight Stinger

    QUALITY 25 or 32 round UZI magazines, RRA mag cut a plus

    Spyderco Endura, the older version with the plastic pocket clip, any blade style, excellent to as new condition

    Spyderco "Waved" Endura, excellent to as new condition

    Advantage Arms .22 conversion kit (LE Model) to fit Glock 17/22, excellent condition

    FAL Metric magazines in excellent or better condition

    Gladius Light in OD or Black, excellent or better condition

    Suunto Vector in black, excellent to as new condition

    Sure Fire M73 railed forend, wear and tear is fine as long as it is functional, need a user for some testing

    Vltor standard carbine buttstock in black, excellent condition, don’t need the buffer tube, just the stock

    NOTE: Not looking to sell at the moment, just looking for trades, however, please feel free to make a fair cash offer if you see something you have interest in and thank you very much for looking. Can supply photos to serious inquiries. Please contact through e-mail and I will respond as soon as reasonably possible.
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    Apr 23, 2000

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    Apr 21, 2005
    Email inbound!!!!!!!! MOUT sling
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    Nov 19, 2000
    Peoria, IL
    Email sent! Thanks!