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WTT: Have Stuff..........Need Stuff Part 1

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by rkb3119, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. rkb3119


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    Apr 23, 2000
    I have for trade the following items, am interested in trading for the stuff on the list at the bottom of the page……………………

    Various Outers gun cleaning stuff, NIB

    Various Colt 1911 parts

    ASP brand straight baton, non-expandable

    M-60 links

    Team sling, black

    One factory Glock plastic mag carrier to fit Glock 20,21,30

    German Flectern Pattern Jacket, Used but in good condition, about size medium

    Remington 11-87 Police Owner’s Packets with instruction and safety book, New/Sealed

    (2) Sure Fire M27 mount, universal housing to fit Steyr Aug, used, but in good condition

    Camelbak carrier, 72 ounce, woodland camo, no bladder, just the carrier, New

    Camelbak carrier, 72 ounce, desert camo (choc. Chip), no bladder, just the carrier, New

    Magazine pouch with shoulder strap to fit 30 round FAL mags (straight mags), holds four mags, I believe Canadian military issue, used, one shoulder strap missing

    Bianchi AccuMold, Model 7125 Enforcer SLR duty holster, right hand, to fit Sigarms P220/P226, new and unused, but no bag, no papers (detailed description available on Bianchi’s website)

    AN/PVS-4 Rail Grabber mount, NIW, have several (AN/PVS-4 flat top mount)

    Sure fire A14 adapter, to convert 6P light to 6R light, excellent condition, have several

    Safariland 371 speed loader carrier, tan, for concealed carry of HKS speedloader, has some cracks in the leather from age, but new in the package

    Safariland SSIII, Model 070, black basketweave, right hand, to fit Smith and Wesson 645, NIW

    Safariland SSIII, Model 070, black basketweave, right hand, to fit Smith and Wesson 469, 6904, New, no bag, tags attached

    Safariland Model 200, black basketweave, right hand, to fit Model 469, 6904, Excellent with a few scratches

    Uncle Mike’s Size 5 nylon holster, right hand, as new condition (should fit most medium size autos)

    Safariland holster to fit large frame revolver, holster is sort of like a belt slide, but with thumbreak, tan, used, but excellent condition

    Pachmayr grips to fit Colt Diamondback

    Charter Arms factory wood grips to fit Charter Arms .38 special

    AR-15/M-16 Adapter Kit, Top Sling, NIW

    Boonie Packer BP-52 sling, new

    Boonie Packer BP-42 sling, new

    Factory Remington 1100/1187 bolt handles, have several

    Pelican Products flashlight, Swatlite, used but as new condition

    Hellweg Speed paddle holster to fit Glock 17/19/22/23/34/35, black, right hand

    Various items of G.I. Alice web gear including, canvas buttpacks, suspenders, compass/dressing pouches, web belts, canteen covers, some have been dyed black

    Trijicon factory Reflex/Reflex II mount to fit AK-47, the most expensive mount for the Reflex at $250.00 retail and available only by special order, used, but excellent condition

    Factory Cold Steel folding knife case, black nylon, for a small knife, new condition

    “The Concealment Shop” custom woman’s purse/handbag built for the concealed carry of a handgun, brown, new condition, but with a couple of small marks from storage, more info can be seen here:

    Choate Mark 5/6 shotgun stock spacers, have several

    Western, 93 grain Full Metal Case .30 Luger ammunition, factory 50 round boxes

    Bianchi Model 34 handcuff case, open top, black basketweave, new in package

    Factory grips to fit Smith and Wesson revolver, K-frame round butt, fair condition, chipped

    Jackass (Galco) holster (only) for shoulder holster system, to fit large frame revolver, right hand, tan, almost new condition

    Jackass (Galco) holster (only) for shoulder holster system, to fit K-frame revolver, right hand, tan, good condition

    Galco holster (only) for shoulder holster system, to fit medium frame revolver, left hand, tan, as new condition

    (2) Jackass (Galco) ammo dump pouches (only) for shoulder holster system, tan, one in very good condition and one in fair to good condition

    New in the box Weaver scope rings, 1” Hi Det Top Mnt Rings, silver finish, item number 49033

    Pachmayr grips to fit Sig Sauer P226, Model number 03117, new in package

    Factory Remington 870 forend, short law enforcement style, used, but in good condition

    Pachmayr grips fit Smith and Wesson N-frame round butt revolver, new condition in package

    Hogue Monogrip to fit Smith and Wesson N-frame square butt revolver, new in package

    ASP baton carrier, for 16-21 inch baton, open top, black cordura, ASP factory product, new in package

    AR-15/M-16 carbine handguards, black with heat shields, as new condition, have several sets

    (3) SDS Alice to Molle adapters, new

    HK-91/G3 slim forend, OD, I believe it is POF manufacture, new or as new

    Bianchi Accumold cellular phone case, to fit Ericsson and similar phones, Model 7802, new in package

    Desantis Gunny Sack, early version of the fanny pack by Desantis, made of heavier material, black, in the bag, but used in very good condition

    Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri leather sheath, black, new condition (No blade, just sheath)

    Safariland duty double magazine pouch, black basketweave, nickel hardware, to fit double stack mags like BHP, S&W 5906, very good condition

    Tekna II flashlight, used with a few external scratches

    Medic bag, black in color, copy of G.I. bag, as new condition and decent quality, but unknown maker

    Pilot survival vest, black, copy of G.I. vest, but no holster, as new condition, decent quality, but unknown maker

    Uncle Mike’s Molded Belt Keepers, for 2 ¼ belts, new in package

    G.I. grips to fit 1911, early brown plastic, have several sets, new or as new condition

    Factory checkered wood grips to fit Smith and Wesson N-frame square butt revolver, used, good condition (have several sets)

    Factory checkered wood grips to fit Smith and Wesson J-frame round butt revolver, used, good condition

    Factory Remington 870 forend, 12 gauge, older checkered forend, used, good condition, dark from age

    True-Spec boonie hat, black in color, size 7 ½ , new and unused

    Classic collectable…..Rogers’ shoulder holster system, tan, right hand, to fit medium revolver, with double drop pouch on the off side, very good to excellent condition

    Safariland 560 Comfort Fit holster, paddle, right hand, black, to fit Glock 17/22/19/23 and various other handguns of about the same size

    Factory Remington 870 Express stock set, complete, as new take-off set, wood

    Point Blank Body Armor coveralls, OD green, size large, new and unused, I believe they are made of heavy cotton, but I cannot confirm as the tag does not advise

    Choate pistol grip to fit Remington 870, as new condition

    (2) Black nylon carrier for 21 inch ASP expandable baton, has cover for use with tactical gear, as new condition

    HK-91 A1 buttstock, unknown maker, no butt plate, no hardware, needs to be refinished

    Box of 10 Infrared Cyalume 6” lightsticks, Chemlights, Exp. Date of 04/2006
    THINGS I AM LOOKING FOR………………………………….

    Tactical load bearing gear, Tactical Tailor, Eagle, Blackhawk, Molle, SOE, Paraclete, HSGI, OD or Woodland Camo, including packs, Molle/Pals pouches, Tactical Tailor single M4 pouches, Tactical Tailor smoke and strobe pouches in OD, or other quality gear, ESSTAC gear of special interest, Discreet carry case for AR-15 carbine

    PRI Military Big Latch, new or as new condition, need several

    Full capacity Glock 17 magazines in new or as new condition, FML or NFML

    Any Sure Fire stuff, including parts, beam filters, mounts, and used Sure Fire 6Ps with the round light body

    AK Bulgarian waffle 30 round mags in 7.62 X 39

    Sure Fire Classic weapon mounts: M16, M19, M20, M14, 4 or 5 inch tape switches

    Magpul Ranger Plates in any color

    EoTech 511 in excellent condition

    GG&G T.I.D. to fit Sure Fire 6P/6Z

    GG&G T.I.D. to fit Streamlight Stinger

    Spyderco Endura, the older version with the plastic pocket clip, any blade style, excellent to as new condition

    Advantage Arms .22 conversion kit (LE Model) to fit Glock 17/22, excellent condition

    FAL Metric magazines in excellent or better condition

    ASP baton, any 16 or 21 inch, looking for the early all metal concealable version, NOT the one with the foam insert in the handle

    Benchmade Nimravus, the early version with the Kydex sheath with metal belt clip

    GI contract magazines to fit AR-15/M-16, as new or new condition, no junk mags, please

    Non-corrosive 5.45 X 39 ammo

    GI M1Carbine magazines, NO aftermarket mags, good condition or better

    Quality HK-91 magazines, excellent to new condition

    NOTE: Not looking to sell at the moment, just looking for trades, however, please feel free to make a fair cash offer if you see something you have interest in and thank you very much for looking. Can supply photos to serious inquiries. Please contact through e-mail and I will respond as soon as reasonably possible.
  2. glock509


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    Jun 20, 2006
    cartersville ga
    i am interested in the kevlar helmat and medics bag.i have some g3 mags

  3. rkb3119


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    Apr 23, 2000
  4. piersol


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    Aug 28, 2001
    Red Lake Falls, MN
    bump, email sent on Factory Remington 870 Express stock set, complete, as new take-off set, wood

    VERY interested!