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Wtt H&K USP-45 for Revolver (NH)

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I have a Fullsize H&K USP-45 that I would like to trade for a S&W or Colt Revolver.The Revolver must be 357 mag or bigger.No barrels over 4 inches but still would like a snubbie more.I don't want anything stainless.I will be using this for a carry gun so no S&W 500's.Now back to what I have....My H&K USP-45 is used and I have shot it quite a bit but have never had a jam or missfeed.It is still a tac driver.I also have 3 mags for it and a nice IWB holster set for it.Please PM me or post here.I will post more pics later.Thanks in advance.FTF in NH would be a big plus.
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