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Here is my list of stuff I am looking to to buy but would rather trade for if I can. Cash can be added either way to make it a fair trade. I will let you get the better end of the trade within reason.

Here is some stuff I am looking for:

Beretta 85 mag

Ruger factory mags for Mini-14

New style J-frame boot grips. I like the Uncle Mikes but I have seen some new Hogues that I may want to try as well.

Hogue forearm for Rem 870

Hogue Tamer pistol grip for Moss 500

Speedfeed pistol grip (or other Birdshead pistol grip) for Moss 500

30rd Magpul Pmags. Prefer windowed FDE but will take anything.

AR-15 FDE pistol grip

Mags for AR-15 .22lr conversion kit. Ciener, CMMG etc. Anything that will work in my Ciener kit.

Here are some items I am looking to get rid of:

AR-15 mags 30rd GI mags and 20rd Thermold mags

AR-15 stock and carbine handguards, RRA 6 pos stock, UTG 4 pos stock and two sets of M4 carbine handguards.

AR-15 OD rifle length handguards

AR-15 ultra light 16" barrel carbine flat top upper M1S

Beretta 92 mags new MecGar

Beretta mag loader

Galco black leather SOB holster for Glock 26

Uncle Mikes kydex belt holster for Glock 22/17 etc

SKS accessories (cleaning kits, oil bottles, mag pouches etc)

Wood magnas for J-frame rd butt

Kershaw Leek, all black model

Cold Steel Trailhawk, new but stripped paint off head and sanded and refinished the handle. WAAAAAY better than new now. I put about 4 hours into it just to take the ugly out of it.

Estwing leather handle hachet some of the washers have shrunk but handle is still solid.

28" Rem 870 vent rib Rem choke bbl black matte

Taurus 9mm grips (Beretta clones) sets for PT-92 and 99-AF Hogue, factory wood and factory rubber. Just ask and I may have.

After market wood grips for Star Model B, A, and Super B

Hogue Wood Grips for Colt revolver

Allen rifle cartridge buttstock holder for 9 cartridges. Slips on buttstock like the ones for shotguns.

Jay-Pee leather holster for J-frame and similar guns.

Bianchi leather clip on holster for small autos like Beretta 21-A and similar

Al Mar Shrike

Brass for reloading. 9mm .40 .223 .308 etc

ACE trigger shoe for 1/4" thin triggers. Size 14. I had it on my S&W model 34-1 .22lr revolver

Colt All American 9mm barrel

AR-15 compleat new bolt

KZ quick adjust two point sling

Glock slide releases factory (2)

Glock base plate (2)

Benchmade 703 Ares knife

Colt Cadet bbl, reciever and other parts

Browning Hi-Power pearl grips (fake)

Hogue grips for S&W k-frame sq butt (new)

AR-15 small parts:
hammer, 1 used
A2 windage drum pin
bolt catch pin
bolt catch spring
Buffer retainer spring
CAR buffer spring
CAR buffer
Disconnect spring
ejector retaining pin
flash suppressor lock washer
forward assist pin
forward assist spring
sling swivel rivet
sight detent spring
hammer spring
pivot pin spring
rear take down spring
snap ring
trigger guard pin
pistol grip star washer
pistol grip screw
A-2 pistol grip
gas tube roll pin
front sight and spring
selector detent
selector detent spring


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PM sent with some items.

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bump with new items added.

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i have a mossberg 500 synthetic black stock that came to me witha bunch of other stocks i traded for, however i do't have a mossberg 500. I was going to throw it away but you are welcome to it if you want it. pm me and let me know.

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Bump, still looking for a few things and have things to trade or sell.

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bump. just updated everything
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