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GT quasimodo / firingline gorgon24

This person is not A MAN of his WORD.

Can't confirm to me when he sent the package for me and keeps on avoiding my question, so I'm requesting USPS to HOLD this package.

Once I get it back, I'll post it here once again.

Just lost 22$ at the post office for this.

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This is quasimodo or gorgon24 from the firing line (George Johnston to my friends).
TripleGlocker - Marino Bush and/or Charly Cheng depending who he identifies himself is in Saudi Arabia. He does NOT share this little bit of information when trying to make a trade.

When I asked if he has any references on GT or any other site he simply said he had never traded before. I provided him with a link to The Firing Line and my user name to see I have made many successful trades.

Late that night ,after providing my address, I get a email saying my package would be mailed at 0800 the following day. And that his address was a Postal Box in Riyadh in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

So I contacted him to tell him I was uncomfortable with this. I said I wouldn't ship until I received my package and had some sort of reassurance he was who he said. After checking the USPS website I find it is ILLEGAL to do what this member promised me it was legal (and I asked him specifically) to do.

Marino and/or Charly (TripleGlocker) now says he is having the USPS put a hold on a package that was mailed. Well that is new to me. I can honestly say I have mailed things in the past that I WISH I could have stopped.

Should anyone know any other information please post it. IF I am wrong and someone has had a positive experience with TripleGlocker please let me know.

I do believe we may have weeded out a foreign scammer my friends. I would hate to think that a potential terrorist and threat to our troops is using this forum to obtain items to use against our soldiers.

Please be very cautious!
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