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*** NO LONGER AVAILABLE*** I have a Glock G23 Gen 2 with two 10 round magazines, night sights (dim), slip on rubber grip with finger swells, tupperware box, cleaning rod and papers. I am a part time LEO and this was my duty gun for the last 15 years. I never upgraded to a new model because the finger swells on the Gen 3 do not fit my fat fingers. As with most police guns this was carried alot and shot very little. However since this was my personal weapon, and not department issued, it was well cared for. The frame looks good but the slide shows a little holster wear around the muzzle. Photos have been attached below. It has a stock 5lb trigger spring. After a recent change in my department's firearms policy I was approved to carry a SIG 229R 40 S&W on (and off) duty so I have retired the Glock 23. Since the Gen 2 G23s are kind of rare, and popular with shooters who hate the finger grooves, I thought about hanging on to it, but I just don't need it.

I would like to trade even for a Glock G17 Gen 3 or 4 that I can build into an Open/Unlimited race gun. I do not care what kind of sights it has since I will be removing them and installing a C-More STS red dot optic. I would prefer a stock barrel, striker and trigger group. The frame and slide should be in good condition and must not have been modified (aka no stippling). I want to keep this deal FTF in Ohio to save on the shipping and transfer costs (The last interstate trade I did cost me $60 in shipping and FFL fees alone)!

If you are interested in a more powerfull cartridge (40 S&W), in a smaller, easier to carry and conceal package, let me know what you have. I would also help to know where you are located in Ohio. Maybe we can work out a deal. Send photos of your G17 to:

[email protected]

Before anyone asks... Cash price for a FTF sale in NE Ohio would be $425.00 FIRM. If out of state (or too far away to meet) the price would be $450.00 FIRM, in certified funds. After the funds clear my bank the gun will be shipped by my local gun dealer to your FFL. For a FTF transaction a valid Ohio Drivers License, Ohio State ID card or Ohio CCW permit is required to prove residence. You will have to sign a statement that you are not under disability from owning a firearm. You must also sign a bill of sale accepting legal ownership of the weapon. If you are not comfortable providing the required personal information to me then a legal transfer of the firearm through an FFL, with a NCIC background check, is an option (but at your expense).

Regarding trades... Since I already have some of the parts needed to build my open gun on the G17/G34 platform no other makes or models will be considered for trade. NOTE: I may take the G23 to the local gun show this weekend if there is no interest by then. Thanks for looking.
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