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WTT: Glock Clamshell Case of G17 holster

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I have a Glock Clamshell case from a G17 that I would like to trade for a G17 holster. I will include the cleaning rod and brush that goes with it.

Let me know what you have.

I would also be interested in a like new standard capacity G17 mag.

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Originally posted by Tiloke
:laughabove: ....Yeah......Right:laughabove: :laughabove: :upeyes:
What's the problem? JMFWSU wants to swap a Glock gun case for a cheap Glock holster or a mag. I may be mistaken, but last I saw, the Glock cases were going for more than either of the items he's looking to swap for.

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Well now I feel like a heel, soheres what I'll do. The first person to ask gets my Glock Clamshell hard case sent to them for free. I dont need it and it'll only cost me 5 bucks to send it. I use metal winchester lockable gun cases and have no need for it.

Just a warning I tried to take off the HUGE sticker on the outside and now theres that "sticker glue" crap on it, but hey, its FREE!!!
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