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I have a Glock 21 10 Round mag , i would like to trade for one 20 or 30 round Pmag color does not matter to me and used is fine also..

I also have one G-21SF 13 Round mag, this is the new style that can be used with the reg 21 or the new SF gun that has the ambi release.

I would trade it for 2 Pmags 20 or 30 round mags. The glock 21 sf mag is new but i will trade it for some good used pmags don't really care , just need to be in great shape ..

Let me know what you have , I would also trade for some Magpuls or ranger plates color don't matter..

Might also trade for G-17 or 19 mags

will not ship to ban states


remember to remove the () and the word dot when you email..

I can send pics of the mag if needed
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