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Wtt g33 nc.

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View attachment 176387 ive got a like new only 9 rnds fired g33 with 3.5 ghost trigger kit installed,extended slide release,comptac flat mag bases on two mags,one 10rnd mag.the box all paper work and original box of 110fmj,one box 125 gold dots.looking for a RUGER OR SMITH 357MAG,or 4in ruger redhawk in 45 colt or 44mag.thanks for looking
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PM sent.
Pms answered still available
Do you have a cash price
No cash price at this time ,i really want to trade
Where did you get that extended slide stop? I saw one on a used gun and really liked it, but don't know who makes it.
i bought it at a local gun shop.but you can order them from just about anywhere.lone wolf, glock meister,glock parts.hope this helps
I have a G20 that I may want to trade.
Bump with new trade interest
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