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WTT: G19 for 1911 Commander or full sized

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by HoustonHusker, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Aug 22, 2004
    Houston, TX
    I have a Gen. 3 Glock 19 I'd like to trade for a 1911 in the $750 range.

    I have 31 rounds down the pipe and I've added the following:

    3.5# Lonewolf trigger
    box, all paperwork and item included
    3 magazines instead of the usual 2
    extended mag release
    extended slide release
    Trijicon Night Sights
    Cominolli thumb safety-like a 1911's--installed professionally by Alex Hamilton, APG member, Ten-Ring Precision in San Antonio.

    I have 2 G19's, and I carry one CCW. I'm wanting to get into the NRA pistol shooting competitions with .22's, centerfire and .45's.

    I've got $750 in this gun and would like equal value in a trade, or very close to it.

    I only want to do a FTF in Houston, TX. I'm in Katy.

    I'll send pics if you're interested to your email.

    gsribble at sbcglobal dot net



    ETA: If you're not familiar with the safety:

    Manually engaged safety lever provides an extra level of security and safety for Glock owners. Blocks trigger movement, allows the slide to be cycled and pistol loaded or unloaded with the safety on. Operates easily with your right-hand thumb. Contact pad is easy to engage, yet won’t interfere with holster fit. All Glock passive safeties continue to function normally.
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