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WTT: Converted Saiga AK in WV

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I hate to do it as it has been a very fine rifle but I have just concluded that I don't have a real need for it and if I'm going to get other toys to fill my gun safe something has to go. Besides my RUssian SKS does as good a job with 200 yards as what my AK can do. I'm getting rid my converted Saiga AK I bought from Atlantic Arms a while ago. I've officially put 600 rounds through it and it has one had two FTF. One from a primer that was installed sideways and another stovepipe jam caused by a cheap 40 round master molder magazine. Other than that if has been 100% reliable, smooth, and very accurate for an AK.
The sale includes the AK, 3 steel magazines, one promag magazine, and a UTG side rail scope mount. I also have an Israeli ergo grip that goes with weapon that is a WORLD more comfortable than the stock one. The stock KVAR grip will be installed on the weapon.
The conversion was done by Tennesse Guns. The FCG and the furniture are by KVAR.

Interested in trading for a few things. (in no particular order)

3-6 inch S&W or Ruger revolver in 357 or larger. Preferably a 44 mag, 45 colt, or 45 acp.
Sig P220 in 45 acp
Lever action rifle in same caliber as above.
Bolt action rifle in 7.62x39
Beretta storm Carbine in 9mm.
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You should post this in the firearms section. This is the accessories section. Hopefully a mod will move it for you.
OOOOOOOPS!! You are absolutely right. Thanks.

Its been moved, Thanks mods.
Take the Beretta off the table. I put money down on a HiPoint Carbine today. Its no Beretta but it fill its role for me.
Still available. Would consider Dan Wesson revolvers for trade also.
Might also be interested in a 10mm like the EAA Witness or a Glock 20.
I'm leaving for Minnesota tomorrow to visit my parents and likely I won't check this until I get back on July 6th. If you are interested please send me a PM an I'll respond to it as soon as I'm able. Thanks.
Bump from Minnesota. I'll check my messages again on the 6th. THanks.
I'm back from Minnesota, still available.
Still available. I handled a 629 Mountain Gun today. I would really like to find one or a Glock 20 to trade for my Saiga. I have a few more mags I could throw in too.
Still available. May consider a nice 45 also. NO 1911s though. I've never had a 1911 that I really get along with.

No Taurus either. Not a big fan of them.
Ive got a sig228, not sure I want to trade it but shoot me some pictures at

justin . abney @ gmail . com (w/o the spaces of course) and maybe itll change my mind.
Sorry, i've kind of decided to go with something in at least a 45acp/357 mag for now.
Bump. All offers considered. Still available.
Still interested in a 10mm trade and if so pictures?
Open to any serious trades. Glock, Sig, S&W, etc.... Anything of approximate value I can play with.
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