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I just bought a lightly used Buck Mayo TNT, and although I love the S30V blade and the titanium slabs, I've gotten used to a larger folder. My EDC is a Mission MPF, so the 4" blade feels perfect to me, whereas the TNT seems a little smallish.

The TNT has some barely discernible scuff marks on the blade from (I would guess) where the original owner may have cut into a box or two. Other than that, the overall condition is excellent, and the slabs are near perfect. It also comes with the presentation box.

I'm looking for a larger folder with a blade around 4". Here's a few I can think of that I'd really like to acquire:

Microtech SOCOM, plain edge, manual action.
Wilson Tactical Elite Used, but in good shape would be okay with me.
Buck Strider's plain edge

Buck Strider Solution

I own plenty of flashlights, but I guess one more can't be a bad thing. :clown:

I'm open to other ideas if you want to run one by me-worst I can do is say no thank you.
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