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WTT: BM 730CFHS w/ DLC & BC1 for Sebenza

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Jackyl, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Jackyl


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    Apr 2, 2002
    What I have here is a brand new / unused Benchmade 730CFHS with carbon fiber scales, M2 blade, presentation box, etc. I got this brand new when it first came out and sent it to BodyCote for some custom work. They started by blasting the Benchmade BT2 coating off. They then hard-chrome'd the blade, liners, clip, and all screws / hardware, followed by BC1 on the liners, and their bullet-proof DLC (Diamond Like Coating) finish to everything else. This gave everything the corrosion resistance, as well as the liners that shiny black chrome look, and a DARK flat black near scratch-proof finish to everything else. They sent everything to Benchmade for me where they put it back together with a new Axis mech., sharpened the blade, and polished the tang where the Axis mech. rides. They also reinstated the warranty and sent it back to me. They offered to re-laser the logo's, but I wanted it left sterile besides the rollmark on the clip. I have pics for seriously interested parties only. This isn't just a looker, it is smoother and more perfect than any Benchmade I've had, only much cooler. :cool: The 730CFHS is hard to get, Benchmade no longer uses M2 steel, and BodyCote won't accept small-scale work from individuals any longer.

    Custom 730CFHS

    Here is an old thread by Mike T. about BodyCote / DLC.

    I would only consider a new / like-new, current style, S30V, large Sebbie Web-Sight or plain model. No "classic" style please. Straight across for the Web-Sight model or plain + cash. I'd also be interested in a Glock 26 with cash from my end. ...otherwise, this baby isn't for sale. I know I'd regret it. Thanks!!!