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WTS/WTT: W. German Sig P226 (DFW)

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My Dad passed away on 06/10 and left this to me. I may regret it later, but he told me to unload it for something I really needed, like a smaller carry piece, so here goes.

The pictures aren't the greatest, but what you see is a Sig P226 in 9mm. It was manufactured in 1993, and has seen about 2,500 rounds. The last time he and I went to the range last winter, it performed flawlessly, as it always has. Until several months ago, Dad, an old army guy, was meticulous with his weapons.

The internals are in great shape, but as Dad's health began to deteriorate even more, he paid less attention to the outer, as I can see a little rust on the rear night sight, which amazingly still glows just enough to be effective. They are the original sights, I believe. As best as I can tell, the rust is only on the rear sight, and hasn't effected the slide itself. Nor is there any rust that I can see anywhere else on the pistol, except a little on the grip screws.

The Sig comes with two Mec-Gar 17-round mags that I got for Dad just this past Christmas. I would put a price of about $450-$475 on it, but am more interested in trading for a G-19 or G-26. If interested on any front, feel free to PM or e-mail me. I go back on duty at 5pm tonight, so I may not be able to take any more pictures right away, but I will get them taken and sent as soon as I can. I have done many transactions with the folks here at GT, so my reputation for honesty can be vouched for. Feel free to ask if you would like a reference. I would greatly prefer an FTF deal, but will ship for anyone that simply has to have it, but that would not be cheap. Thanks for looking.

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I am intertested.Would you take $400 cash.You name the place and time.I am in Grand Prairie Tx.Where are you located?Let me know if you want to do this deal as i am looking @ some other Glocks possibly for the same price.Let me know.
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