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I recently acquired this right handed LFI rig with a P7M8 package deal. It's a nice holster set but I'm pretty set in my mode of carry and my holster set up. A thumb snap holster is definitley not my gig. The holster set is black as you can see and has seen minimal use based on its appearance. I haven't worn this rig but I will make several observations. The first is that the leather apears fairly stiff/rigid. It reminds me of Dillon Leather products. The second observation is that the two mag holsters appear large and wide mouthed for single stack mags. They almost look like double stack mag holsters to me. They are however to small for G19 and M13 mags. This may be by design as they will likely collapse some when worn IWB. I inlcuded a picture of one with an M8 inserted for reference. My last observation regards belt sizing. This belt is stamped 36. I have a 34-35ish waist size. I could wear this belt on it's last notch (largest size) with jeans on with nothing IWB. I would say it would fit someone with a 32 - 33 inch waist size with the gun and mags IWB.

$120 shipped USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation


Raven Concleament holsters for G19, P7M8, P7M13, or subcompact XD
P7M8/M13 Trijicon Night sigths
P7M8/M13 parts - FPBs, drop safety catch/spring, etc.

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