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Want to Sell/Trade
Like New
Sig Sauer P229 in .40 (not a CPO, not a police trade in)
No rail (frame made in Germany, slide in US)
Like New Factory Night Sights, Very Bright
Very Low Rd Count (easily less than 500rds fired)
3 - 12rd Factory Magazines
This model has the 'magazine disconnect' (will not fire without a magazine in the pistol)

This gun has been very, very well taken care of.

NOW $550
Shipping is $40 FFL to FFL

My only trade interests are like new/new HK pistols with LEM, Variant 1, or Variant 3 triggers. Would prefer a 9mm or .45, and SS Slide.

Located in Northern IN, about 35min SW of Valparaiso
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