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SIDEARMOR Vertical Scabbard black right hand for the Glock 34/35. VERY!! well made holster...IDPA legal.It is in Like new condition.Hardly used! Retail is $65+ shipping and a 3 week wait at least....why pay retail and wait??

ASKING $55 shipped!

I also have a Garmin GPS,M3 Tac Light and a Fobus Paddle for a Kahr PM I would like to trade or sell.

Im looking for

BUIS for AR-15
Holosight(Eotech or Bushnell) or Aimpoint
KAHR Pm9 holster (Leather or Kydex)
Factory 9mm Ammo

Will add cash for the right deal of course.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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