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WTS/WTT S10 Blazer project

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1991 Chevy S-10 Blazer Project

This truck was purchased by a friend of mine (John) who owns a body shop for one of his employee’s. The employee was just out of jail (drugs) and needed a vehicle. The truck had lots of miles and was a light front end hit so they completely redid the body (all new GM panels) and added the Lund visor. Then they had the engine (4.3l) and tranny rebuilt (12k on the rebuild now). Unfortunately, the guy couldn’t keep clean, so he went back to jail and the truck sat for almost a year. I had several guns that John wanted, so I ended up with the truck. I then replaced the shocks with new Monroe units, put on Cooper Cobra tires, put new tie rod ends on and re-did the brakes. The sunroof leaked so I had it replaced with a new (huge) $750 unit. While it was in the glass shop it leaked some tranny fluid on the floor, but it has not leaked since- I assume the seals were just dry from sitting. The 4 wheel drive seems to work fine.

Here’s the bad: The interior still needs detailed out and the headliner could be replaced. The radio only plays out of one speaker; the hood release handle is broken off (works with pliers). There are a few odd interior rattles. It would probably be good to change out the fuel filter since it sat for so long. The biggest thing that needs done is just to drive it!

So, with some TLC, this truck should serve someone well for a long time to come. It’s not perfect, but all the hard (and expensive) stuff is done!
I’ll entertain atv, boat, gun or other trades. The truck is located near Peoria, IL. It will have to be picked up here. So far there are over $4000 in parts and engine/tranny work alone. I’ll entertain trade offers or sell it for $3000 cash. Drop me an email with any offers and ?’s. Thanks!

Pics can be seen here:
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Better pics now availible on photobucket!
Still availible! :winkie:
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