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Looking to sell or trade my Smith 686 pre-lock in 4" bbl. Condition is 97% conservatively. Comes with box, paperwork, S&W factory wood grips, Hogue Monogrip, 3 speedloaders. This thing shoots beautifully!!! I put the sell value at $550.00 on a FTF and $565.00 on shipped. Trades that I'm looking for include:

1911 style pistols (Quality) like S&W1911, Sig, Kimber, Para, Springfield, Colt, etc. no Star, or Philippine jobs. Money from me on 1911's worth more than my trade.

I'm especially interested in Commander length 1911's like S&W, Sig, etc.

Ruger LCR w/or without laser grips. Without needs cash to me..

Glock 22 cal. conversion upper w/ cash or other trades

1911 22 cal. conversion upper w/ cash or other trades

Stag Arms Left hand AR-15 or Upper half. Full rifle gets cash from me as well.

Glock 21 SF Non-Ambi w/at least 3 mags (LEO ready)

S&W 340 PD

Throw the trades at me as I'm freezing up on thoughts about trades. Never know what might catch my fancy.

Email is best at:
[email protected]


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