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(I'd like to this this here for the guys who may have a nice handgun trade.)

I have for sale or trade one fine looking M77 chambered in that sweet Remington .280.

This rifle has a Boyds laminate, thumb-hole stock with a nice, high cheek-rest and is set up very comfortably. I'm not convinced this isn't the original stock this rifle came with.

Banner 6x24x40 with stainless scope rings.

I don't hunt. I found this rifle and purchased it for the simple fact of how stunning it is. I fired a box of 280 through it and it's been a safe queen ever since.

I'm pretty open on handgun trades, but I prefer a nice Colt, or Smith & Wesson real gun.

PM me with pictures and details.

I can also throw in two boxes of factory ammo.

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