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I have for sale or trade one Remington Model 51 handgun with one magazine in .32 caliber. I inherited this from a relative a while ago and have no interest in C&R guns so its up for sale or trade. I have never fired this weapon.

With a production run of only ~60,000 guns these are quite obscure and this one is particularly rare as it has the "sunburst" marking and a LN datecode. '

For more information on these fine weapons, please see this link:

One of the more common versions just sold on Guns America for $875 listed here.

I've never been interested in restoring this thing to its original glory, but if you wanted a set of new grips, they are available at Numrich's Gun Parts or on Gunbroker for about $30. An exploded diagram showing how to replace the grips is also available here.

I'm asking $600 or best reasonable offer. Trade wise I'm open to just about anything - optics, uppers, handguns, etc, what have you got for trade? Send me an offer.

The first couple pictures make it look as though the blued finish really sucks - its just my crappy photography skills.

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