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I hate to sell these, but I don't use them and I could use other stuff:

1) Para Ordnance CCO in 45Gap. This is a very nice CCW piece. All steel frame (not aluminum). It comes with it's box and paperwork. Galco holster and 3 mags are included. Will sell for $650 shiped, $625 FTF. I will throw in 120 ounds of JHP ammo for a FTF deal. I have a few pics.

2) Sig Sauer P229R DAK in 357Sig. I have 2 grips for this gun, the original factory and Hogues. It will come with 2 factory 12 round magazines. Gun has Night Sights (very bright). Has the box and all the paperwork. $600 shipped for this gun, $575 FTF. I have pics.

3) GONE....

I also have extra mags and holsters for both the Sig (12 more mags and one holster) that I will sell to the buyer of either of these guns at a discount!

Prices are NOT negotiable, please do not ask. I think I am asking a reasonable price for all of these.

Trades that are of interest:
1) Sig Sauer pistols in 9mm or .45acp (the only .45 I want are the older P220's)
2) Glock pistols in 9mm
3) HK pistols in 9mm or .45acp
4) AR's (Colt and LMT ONLY)

I really have developed fixed interests as I have aquired other guns that fill up "niches" that were previously empty.

Cash can go either way to complete the deal and mutiple purchases will get a discount!!

I prefer cash to ANY trade except AR's (Colt, LMT) and will make a discount for multiple guns!!!!!

I prefer e-mail to PM: please direct questions to: [email protected]
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