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For sale or trade:

Sig Sauer P365 slide

It is in great condition, almost like new. Zero external finish wear that I can see. This was on my P365 (born in June 2019) that I bought new last year. The night sights were almost dead and replaced under warranty from Sig, so the sights are only a few months old and are as bright as they get.

I recently purchased an SAS slide and have decided to stick with it and make it my daily carry.

If you have an SAS slide and don't like the sights - here's your ticket. This will also slide right onto a P365XL frame (after you add your 365 barrel and RSA). I tested it on my 365XL and it does function 100%. I have read that a lot of folks like to do that - have the shorter slide on the longer grip.

I don’t track rounds, but I’m going to guess about 200ish rounds on the gun with this slide. Probably less.

Includes internal parts, but no barrel or RSA is included. What you see is what you get.

These slides used to sell on Sig for $199 completely stripped. After adding everything (sights, striker assembly, extractor, etc) you'd be in the neighborhood of $300+. That said, they have been sold out for quite a while and they don't come up for sale often.

I'm asking $199 plus $8 shipping via USPS priority mail. I can't go any lower than that...if it doesn't sell here it will go on eBay.

Prefer to sell, but I do have some trade options:

I'm looking for a couple guns and can offer the slide up as partial trade towards a good condition S&W 586 4" or a .223 bolt rifle.

Partial trade for mags: Glock 17-19-20-21-31-42-43-48, Browning BDM, 1911, Hi Power 9mm, S&W 45-59-10 series 3rd gen.

Trade/partial trade for range ammo - 9mm 124 FMJ, 44 mag, 44 special, 357 mag, 38 special, 10mm, 223, 556, 12 gauge bird shot. Note for ammo trades: the value needs to be reasonable.... not the crazy prices that some folks are trying to get. I'm not in ammo desperation mode yet. :) Also, I do not need any 9mm self defense ammo.

The fine print:

For trades, we each handle our own shipping.

For straight sale, CashApp is preferred, their terms of service do not prohibit firearms transactions. I can also accept credit cards via my wife's Square account. Paypal is ok only as a last resort with ZERO in the comments. My bank will not accept Venmo.

Know and obey the laws of your jurisdiction. No shipping to anywhere prohibited by law.

Check out my 100% feedback as buyer, seller, and trader. I describe items accurately and ship fast.

For contact, please EMAIL: w e s w a r r e n (at) y a h o o (dot) com. Have questions or need more pics? Let me know.

I will answer PM's, but for some reason I do not get notifications from so my responses may be delayed a little. Emails will get a quicker response.

Please only post in this ad if you are the buyer/trader. Send questions or via email (preferred) or IM. Thanks.

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