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I have a few Multicam goodies left over to dispose of....

HSGI Drop Holster for large frame auto (Fit my 1911, Sig 226, and M9) Has two spare mag pouches, and the Airborne strap. Like new, little or no field use. Sell for $50.00 - SOLD

Esstac PackRat Utility. Organizer with elastic straps inside to gear accessible. With Malice clips Sell for $25.00

Esstac mini Ute- Like the Pack Rat above, but a 6x6 Ute with a large velcro patch panel sewed on the front, and the elastic organizer inside. With Malice clips. Sell for $25.00

I accept, and prefer, electronic payment (add 4%) or POSTAL money orders. Shipping is extra. I may trade


Esstac Toasters in MC
Medic supplies
Sig Mags
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