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i have 2 mags worth of Magpul p-mags parts, to include spring and follower (x2) baseplate (x2) baseplate retainer (x2) full mag dust caps (x2)... not sure how much these would go for, as i am not sure if magpul makes repair kits for their mags??? ...i'll start at ($17) NOW $13 SOLD

also have a standard AR A2 style birdcage flash hider, with crush washer $5SOLD

also have a box of Norinco 7.62x39 ammo (20 rds), in an older red box...$8

also have a Blackhawk TDU belt, size LG (fits 34" through 46") like new...$15

AR15 charging handle latch (standard w/ spring) $3

Bag of AR15 gas tube cleaners (50 new) $10

25 rd Box of 20G winchester upland game #8 shot shells (yellow) $5

25 rd Box of 12G winchester #6 shot shells (red) 2 3/4in high brass $7

AR15 Nylon chamber brush $5

more to come...
discreet PP ok.
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