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Well I traded off my M1A so I don't need the accessories anymore. So here is what I've got up on the block. Due to number of image restrictions some pics are hot linked. Prefered Method of payment is USPS money orders all other money orders and checks are held untill they clear my bank. Payment is expected within 7 days of an agreement being reached. Deal with confidence I have lots of feedback on The best way to contact me is PM or email.

SA MA5009 Cleaning Kit: combo tool, oiler, chamber & bore brushes, cleaning rod sections, tip & pouch (Condition: excellent this has been used 1 time). New from SA they are over $22
SA MA5060 Gas Cylinder Disassembly Tool (Condition: New). New from SA they are over $22
SA M5065 Rifle “Gadget” - Stock liner screw disassembly and multi-purpose screwdriver (Condition: New). New from SA this is over $5.
SA C05001 & MA5002 Rear and Front sight protective covers (COndition: New). New from SA these are over $17.
SA C05009 Leather Match Rifle Sling (Condition: Used Very Good Shape does have one stain from the sling swivle pictured. This would be a great back up if you're picky). New from SA theese are over $27.
USGI Ruptured Shell Casing Extractor (Condition: New). Fulton sells theese new for over $16.
Everything in Group 1 for $75 Shipped SOLD PENDING FUNDS

GONE Group 2 GONE:
The M14 Owners Guide and Match Conditioning Instructions By Scott Duff
TM 9-1005-223-12 Army Techinical Manual 7.62mm Rifle M14 and Rifle Bipod M2
Everything in Group 2 for $20 shipped. GONE

2 USGI BRW S-1 20 round magazines, theese are the real deal not fakes. I have checked the weld pattern against Differents info and they match up. I have tried to get the welds and latch plate in the pictures sorry they are not the greatest. Mags have been used one time by me. I took them out of the package and fired one mag through each. as you can see there is some minor corrosion on one of the mags, this was there when I opened them I gues the vapor barrier did not work as well as it should have. That is the only thing wrong with either of the mags.
Both mags $45 Shipped. SOLD PENDING FUNDS

500 rounds of PMP .308 FMJ. This is the same stuff they are selling at Widners Reloading.
$220 Shipped $180 FTF. SOLD PENDING FUNDS

Stuff I am looking for in trade:
IWB holster for 1911 right hand
Tactical holster for 1911 without rail right hand
1911 Double mag pouch open top design
Tactical gear
AR15 lowers stripped or complete
AR15 upper half
1911 mags Wilson, Novak, ACT, Tripp
Tech sights for an SKS
holster for M&P 9mm left handed
.22 rifles
.45 ACP ammo
9mm ammo
AR15 Pmags
Mueller Scope
Decent scopes for a .22 rimfire
What have you got?
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