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I have an original Springfield Armory M-1 Garand USGI Rack Grade from the CMP. Serial #2968XXX, with lockbar sights. The stock is walnut with faint SA over EMF cartouche and small ordnance wheel, but does have the id disk cutout on bottom of stock. Numbers on the major parts are:
Bolt-D28287-12SA S-04(with diamond)
Trigger housing-D28290-12-SA
Hammer- D46008-5 SA
Op Rod- D35382 9 SA
Receiver- D 28291 34
Barrel- 1 SA 3 44
Included with the rifle will be a repo cartridge belt, original 10 in bayonet and sheath marked AFH w/US and flaming bomb. Also the following ammo:

5 cans of Greek HXP M2, .30-06 ball, 192 rounds per can on clips in bandoleers
1 can of Greek HXP M2, .30-06 ball, 240 rounds (marked as clips and Bandos but in boxes I think)
6 20 round boxes of CMP Lake City .30-06 repackaged by Talon in CMP boxes
3 48 round bandoleers of Greek HXP (left over from last can I opened)
4 48 round bandoleers of Danish AMA
Plus I'll throw in some extra ammo from different manufactures (all surplus military)

I figure the trade value at $1250 (with me picking up the shipping on ammo and rifle) or sell outright for $1000 (I pay shipping on rifle, you pay actual shipping on ammo)

What I'm looking for: (plus or minus cash)
Colt 6920 either new or LNIB

Will consider:
S&W M&P15
Sig 556
LMT M-4a3
Bushmaster M-4a3
RRA Entry Tactical
Stag ARMS 1L or 2L
Bushmaster 20" Full size A-3
quality parts kits (pistol, M-4 carbine, and Full size)
Glock's in 9mm (17,19,26)
S&W Model 66 2 1/2 in barrel

but Colts have first priority.

Email or IM for pictures or questions.

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