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I am selling my kimber Adirondack 6.5 creedmoor. It will come with scope rings that are already mounted to the rifle, brand new bore snake and the 15 rounds leftover from the box of 20 rounds. This rifle has only 5 rounds shot through it. I bought this rifle for my wife to hunt with but after shooting 5 rounds through it she complained it has to much recoil for her. The rifle is basically brand new. I am willing to take trades along with cash or just cash. I am asking 1600 for the package shipped obo. I am located in southern NJ. Trades I would consider are AR 300blk complete uppers, glock 48 in al black, 686 plus smith in 3” 38/357. Glock 20/21 complete uppers gen 4. 300 blk bolt Guns, Troy AR other in 300blk, to name a few trade possibilities contact me with your offers. I am willing to add cash to deals if needed. Or take your trade plus cash. Please make sure your FFL is open and accepting firearms.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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