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WTS/WTT: Glock 32 .357 Compact. Nashville.

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Wanting to trade for glock 32/33 in od green only no exceptions.


Comes with 1 10 round magazine with +1 pierce extension an pierce plug.

Gun has extended mag release , slide lock , and Trudot night sights installed.

Will include hip holster with button release and shoulder holster for $500.

Gun has had 100 rnds through it (1 range session).


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bump for od green
sure wish my g27 was od green because ive been looking for a trade on a 32
i wish it was too! lol
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Wanting to trade for OD green sub compact.
happy 4th
sunday bump
Well if you change your mind and will take a black one let me know
What condition? pm me with details an some pics.

Ill consider it if i cant get what im lookin for.
pm replied

nobody has OD green they would like to trade?
Sure hope you can get an OD 32 out of the deal. They Rock!

Good Luck, and surely someone wants a black 32 with night-sites, all the extras, and ~100 rounds through it.....?!

Thanks for the bump yeah i love the .357 as time goes thats all im starting to want to stick with.
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I have a G27 if interested
sorry not green
Just curious...why is Green so important? It doesn't match anything...
Well if its a carry im goin to see everday i want somethin that i prefer which is green with a silver finish slide thats my preference thats the only reason i want od green.

Really only wanting green sorry.
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