G43x w/ accessories
I’m looking to sell my Glock 43X. I bought it a couple of months ago (Feb 2022), but after 5 classes I am starting to see how I would benefit from a larger gun. I’m selling the gun with upgraded night sights, and extended slide lock and releases(I also have the OEM parts if that is of interest). I am also willing to sell w/ three holster, a T-Rex arms AWIB holster as well as an OWB holster, and a custom locally made holster. I am also selling with a recover rail and TLR-7 Sub (so you can have a weapon mounted light). To top it all off I am also selling it with 5 magazines. I am wanting to sell it for $700.00 OBO or even trade for a Glock 45, if you have any questions or need more info feel free to message me @ 575-649-0188. Side note I would like the transaction to be done at an FFL, local to Las Cruces (since that is where I live) Thank you all!