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**SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD** **SOLD**

Up for sale or possible trade is a Fusion Firearms Pro Series Elite Tactical .45 in 5". Like new, all hand fitted,all match grade. Ion-Bond DLC on frame, slide, and all small parts. Express 24/7 sights. VZ grips. Round count is 250. Ultra accurate and dependable.

I have the full build sheet with all the specs if needed, also all origional papers and box. Will have 2 new Wilson 8rd ETM mags and the 1 origional 8rd. Gun was just finished in April this year.

Looking for $1200.00, also possibly some trades. Need a m4 and always more glocks.

Shipping will be whatever the current rate is through Fed-Ex to FFL only! Be sure to confirm FFL takes shipments from individuals.

Feel free to ask any questions!


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