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WTS WTT Dillon 650 Conv Kit, Brass, Dies in TN

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I have the following for sale or trade:
640 pieces 44 Special ($60)
115 pieces 38 Spcl ($10)
38 pieces 45-70 ($7)
590 pieces .308 (Mostly LC/FC/RP headstamp, No miitary Brass)($50)
70peces 44 mag ($7)
35 pieces 45Colt ($5)
.308 Comp Seater Die (RCBS)($50)
.308 SB Sizer Die (RCBS)($22)
.308 Neck Sizer and Seater Set (Group A) RCBS ($20)
44Mag/44Spcl Conversion Kit for Dillon 650 ($60)
Lee reloading Dies 45-70 (minus the plastic powder scoop)($17)
Lee Reloading Dies 44 Mag/44 Special ($18)
Lee Mould 44 Caliber 240 grain LSWC Used ($10)

All to most of the brass is polished and the count is within 10 pieces. Some of the 308 brass has been trimmed been not too much of it (maybe 35 pieces). Most of the brass is once fired but some has been twice fired but with either factory or lower levels.
I would actually like to trade for Dillon 650 Conversion Kits for 45 ACP and 45 ACP Brass. But 223 Conversion Kits and 223 Dies from Dillon are in for consideration as well. Some of the rings on the die sets are a little scratched from being put on a die plate but are in no way detrimental to their function. Please email me at [email protected] for payment details. Paypal is accepted but I will have to get that 3% from the buyer.
Thank you, Chris
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts