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ONE OF A KIND, Stainless CZ75B.

A long with my CZ 550 Full stock .270.

I have this 9mm for sale.

CZ75B Stainless in 9mm Luger/Para caliber:
'06 date. Purchased NEW in April '07. Used only for my CZ-ZONE
and CZ Forum Firearms Review.

Customized by CZ-USA to my specifications to allow for the Lasergrip.
Right side of the ambi safety was removed.(still in box)

Base gun and approx. pricing in 2007:
CZ75B SS. $599
Custom features.
CZ-USA Action Job ($180)
Crimson Trace Lasergrips.($290)
Tru-Dot Night Sights as installed.
by CZ-USA ( $120)
Steve Bedair Stainless Guide Rod ($25)
Custom Grip Screws ($15)

Total cost: Approx. $1,229.00

Figure in the recent $75 price hike from CZ ( $716 retail)
and you will see that this gun is a great buy or trade!

I shot this gun for a Review, of which I only used factory ammo.

Approx 78 rounds.

This pistol has been kept clean/dry in a gun safe.
I don't believe that this gun is even broke in yet.

Comes with 2 blued factory 16-shot magazines, original paper box, CZ
blue plastic box, manual. No rubber grips, but other part of the ambi safety,
CZ snap caps. lasergrip wrench.

I wish to sell my custom, one of a kind pistol now for $750 plus
shipping charges to your FFL.

That means a customized 75B SS with Nites, and CZ-USA trigger job for $550, plus Lasergrip for $200!

Payment by cashiers check, or valid us postal money orders- Only. No over payments please.

You Must be 21 and non felon.ect.

Thanks for looking. * EMAILS only, as I might not check PMs.

Clarkston, Wa (WA/IDAHO border, not near Seattle)

Will NOT sell the pistol without the Lasergrips.


OLYMPIC ARMS or BUSHMASTER AR-15 M4s (matching upper and lowers) that are reliable and
in good shape.

NO other trades considered at this time.

Thanks for looking.

UPDATE: June 27th.
Shot 30 rounds of brass cased FMJ and JHP
ammo. Flawless performance!!

Gun is now cleaned and back in the box and ready to ship out
to a lucky buyer.

Contact info: Serious Inquiries Only please:
[email protected]

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