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WTS/WTT: Custom Cz75 Pre-B (NITES) (E.WA)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by clarkstoncz, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. clarkstoncz


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    Sep 28, 2006
    One- of- a- kind...75 CLASSIC!
    Custom (1990, no import markings) CZ75 Pre-B Series (comes with 2 new Blued CZ-USA high capacity 16-shot mags) This gun was made in 1990 and is considered to be a classic CZ75. Nice trigger pull. Can be carried cocked & locked like a 1911, or in double action. I had my friend refinish the frame in Brownell's alumahyde teflon finish. I then and added custom MMC adjustable nite sites, in the Bar-Dot pattern. The slide was deep blued by MMC at the time of the nite sight install. This gun is highly accurate. However.. I've not shot this gun very much at all. Especially in the last 8 years since moving from Idaho. I cant recall shooting it in 9mm, and only a few rounds with the kadet Kit.


    This needs to go to a good home. Someone who will appreciate a CZ75 pre-B with fantastic sights and a 16-shot magazines. Unlike some Pre-Bs, this one will accept the newer CZ75B mags. The MMC nites are under a lifetime warranty. I just sent the slide back a while back, so the nites are fresh as new!

    I've had some guys interested in it, but nothing concrete.
    The gun has no import markings ( my other two that I sold didn't either)
    and has some lettering on the barrel hood that i can't make out.
    Maybe- a importer or custom shop in Germany, or Europe where the
    gun originally came from.

    The gun has new CZ-USA coco-bolo grips. I will also include the original CZ75 plastic grips. I'm asking $600 FTF or $600 plus Shipping if I have to send it out. NO Sales of gun with mag to restricted states/areas. . NO ammo included if I have to ship gun, period! Persons must be non-felons and able to legally buy handguns in their state. CPL/CCW holders preferred. You can reimburse for shipping within 2 weeks after your 5 day inspection period. I've done that on guns before, and never had a problem. Nothing wrong with this gun, so I don't expect any surprises. However, if you are not thrilled after you shoot it, send it back!

    I will consider trading for a (matching) AR-15 (M4) entry level clone.

    The prices on ARs are coming down, while the prices on
    Pre-Bs continue to rise.

    Again..5 day inspection period after you pick up the gun.

    You can probably find a Pre-B for this price, but not these
    fantastic sights!

    ASK for more pics. Contact me anytime.