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Some of the items in the group photos will be in the FTAGH section, I just don't feel right charging people for those items. Everything is listed with a price shipped. I am located in Southern New Jersey and I accept Cash APP, Venmo and Paypal. Description of all items to follow photo link. If you would like more photos of a specific item I will gladly provide them. Again all the prices shown include shipping. I am currently on medical leave from work so I will make it a point to ship the item the same day during normal business hours if after I will ship the following morning. Thank you If anyone has the following items to trade I am willing to work with you. Money on my end or vice versa. Glock 19 15 round mags glock brand I am Law enforcement and will provide verification to legally own them in NJ, Glock 43 slide, 9mm ammo, CZ 75 compact parts, TLR7, nightstick tcm-550xl or xls, TLR6 for glock 43, Shield arms glock 43 magazines, .410 and 20 gauge slugs or buckshot.

1) Glock 19 Camo IWB holster not sure of brand bought from a GT member $35
2) Concealment Express Glock 48 Black Kydex IWB holster adjustable cant and retention $25
3) GPS LE model grip pod with pict rail part# GPSLE $70
4) 2 Glock 20 magazines with under 50 rounds through each 10 rounders $45 for both
6) Magpul MOE Mil-Spec carbine adjustable black buttstock $30
7) Seekins Red safety selector for AR15 platform $30
8) Precision Armament M-11 SPR 5.56 Stainless 1/2x28 part# A04019 $75
10) Galco Stow-N-Go IWB leather holster fits Glock 26 right hand $30
11) Redline concealment custom made holster AIWB Black kydex right hand draw for CZ 75 P-01 with a TLR7 also fits the nightstick tcm-550XL light $80
12) Last but not least Glock 20 Gen 4 frame with grip reduction finger grooves removed and trigger guard undercut, comes with factory glock trigger bar and shoe, frame pin kit, vickers extended magazine release, and barrel locking lug. All you need to complete this lower is a trigger housing unit and a trigger connector and a slide release. I did not have the company stipple the frame I had them install a talon grip on it because I prefer the rubber against my skin over the abrasive stippling. I have two of these set up the same way its time to off one. This frame has at most 1000 rounds of regular 10mm round nose through it no high power defense or hunting rounds. I will throw in one 10 round magazine with this as well. This obviously must be shipped to an FFL. $350
If you see something in the pictures and its not listed for sale check the FTAGH thread I am posting them in there right after this thread is started.
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