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wts/wtt Aimpoint clone with kill flash and cantelever mount

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all sold.

I have a limited supply of these and am asking $65 shipped for everything they are brand new all I have done is turn them on and make sure that they work. if you have any questions please let me know. I can take paypal and money order. I will entertain trade offers too. just let me know. if you have any offer cash or trade ill listen. im around the springfield mo area.

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a few trades I can think of would be an 18" -22" barrel for a remington 870 12 gauge. side saddle for 870. armalite ar-10 mags, various ar parts just let me know what you have. different bullets for reloading again just let me know what you have. all other offers welcome. ill update trade list as I think of things.
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