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WTS/WTT .308 Win Ammo

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First up are 7 20-round boxes of Remington, Federal and Winchester 150 grain and one 20-round box of Remington 165 grain—160 rounds in all. $150 FTF in Florida's Palm Beach, Broward, Martin counties, $175 shipped.

Individual prices for each would be:

2 Boxes Remington PSP R308W1 $45
2 Boxes Remington MC L308W4 $50
1 Box Remington PRA 308WB $30 SOLD
2 Boxes Winchester CXP2 $40
1 Box Federal Power Shok $20

Shipping cost would depend on quantity and weight.

Next are 300 rounds of Hornady .308 Win, 110 grain ammo perfect for all kinds of varmints, animal and otherwise. 200 rounds are Tactical Application Police (TAP), 100 rounds are For Personal Defense (FPD). Will ship the lot for $375, $350 FTF. Hornady TAP and FPD are sold.

Would sell individual boxes for $28 per box shipped. All ammo is sold.
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Seven 20-round boxes of Remington, Federal and Winchester .308 Win 150 grain. $20 per box. $120 for all seven.

Shipping would be extra.
New pricing based on reduced quantities.
$100 FTF for the seven boxes of Remington, Winchester and Federal. $120 shipped.
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