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WTS White's Pac Boots and Long Term Storage food (ID)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by NWRed, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. NWRed


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    Oct 3, 2002
    Trying to clean up a lil before the snow flies.
    I accept MOs and Paypal(add4%), pics available via email.
    Interested in trading for quality 1911 slides/M1A receiver/16" Ar15 barrels and uppers/<$200 pistols & revolvers.

    Everything Else:

    White’s Pac Boots Size 10 “Cowboy” style $110 shipped. Retails for $173+ shipping. Purchased last winter when I had to have a pair the next day, worn 2 days then shelved for the rest of the year. Great for snowmobiling/winter sports and work in the cold.

    Waltons Feed Long Term Storage Foods

    Survival Units purchased in ‘98/‘99
    #1 Cheese blend/Applesauce/Whole Egg/Fruit Drink/Chicken TVP/Stew Blend
    2 boxes( 6 #2.5 cans) $20 ea. Per BOX
    #2 Margarine Powder/Chicken Bouillon /Tomato Powder/Fruit Mix/Chopped Onion/Iodized salt
    2 boxes ( 6 #2.5 cans) $25ea. Per BOX
    # 3 Potato flakes/Germade/Instant milk/6 grain cereal/2 cans Honeywheat bread mix
    6 boxes(6 #10cans ea.) $25 ea. Per BOX
    #4 Potato granules/White rice/Pinto beans/6 grain pancake mix/instant yeast/Stabilized Oxygen (liquid)
    4 boxes( 4#10cans ea.) $20 ea. Per BOX