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Sold Pending Funds

Selling my, older version, Sig Blackwater edition P226 in 9mm. I purchased it NIB with the intention of using it as a suppressor host but that never materialized. It's pretty much sat untouched in my safe for the past two years or so.

These were packaged differently when they came out (5 mags & 2 sets of grips) but the way I have listed it below is how I purchased it and how it will come to you. Please read carefully.

You will receive:

- Sig P226 Blackwater pistol in 9mm
- Pistol comes with factory installed night sites (red front, green rear)
- 2 x 15rd factory Sig magazines
- factory P226 plastic grips (no second set of wood grips)
- factory box (matching) and paperwork

Again, I realize that this is not how they originally came out but this is how I purchased it. Please contact me with any questions.

I will post pictures of the setup tomorrow afternoon.

$750 shipped Sold Pending Funds

You can check my references on the boards (Tony44), on Gunbroker (Tony44), or on eBay (Tonyd44)

Payment by Check, MO, or electronic payment (+3.5%)

Contact me at: [email protected]

First "I'll take it." posted gets it

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