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WTS Tucker Gunleather HF1 Browning HP(TX)

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WTS almost new Tucker Gunleather right hand HF1 in plain black for a Browning/ FNH HP. The Tucker website-(The HF1 combines the best features of two different designs. It rides like a pancake and stays open for life like a "tunnel and loop" design. The visible overflap provides the front belt slot to bring the holster in close and keep it secure. The cant angle is perfect for most people and the holster comes ready to use with very little break in. Retention is very good so no thumbreak is required unless it's just personal preference or department policy.) There is a 7-8 week wait time for these holsters. Asking $75 shipped via USPS. Postal Money Order only. I will post pics in the morning. Email me w/ questions to [email protected]. Here is Tucker Gunleather's web site for a reference:

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Tucker HF1
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