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This is some of the odds and ends stuff I have left out of a box of parts.
If you are interested in any of this, shoot me a price or trade, all offers will be considered.

70- 5.56 spent casings (once fired from Bushy M4)
47- 7.62x39 spent casings (once fired from a Yugo SKS)
1- Wilsons Combat 1911 beavertail safety (safety only, no screws or springs, etc.)
1- Weaver side mount scope base and rings and screws. (for various rifles and shotguns listed)
2- sets of Uncle Mikes quick detatch. swivel slings for various muzzleloaders
1- Aimpoint Ruger M77/22 Mini14 Scope Base
1- B Square S&W K,L,N Frame scope mounts
2- B Square AR15/M16 under barrel laser mounts
20- Nosler Partition-HG .54 cal sabots (still in 4 plastic tubes of 5, I have 260 gr and 300 gr. written down, but I cant remember how I knew they were)
1- Small black plastic pistol case
1- B Square Winchester 70 1 piece scope base
1- B Square Sig 226 Laser Mount (NIB but very old technology looks like)
2- Butler Creek 09A eye flip up scope covers
1- small black leather knife pouch
1- set of Ferrari Folding shooting glasses (very retro lol)
1- small brown leather filet style knife sheath
1- ?? left side hogue grip
1- old style A2 M16/AR15 pistol grip
10- black trigger locks
1- Case Guard 804? something for reloaders I assume to set ammo in...??

***** A COUPLE OF THINGS I AM LOOKING FOR FOR TRADE*** I need a Glock factory .45/10mm mag loader.

Shoot me any price on stuff if you want it, not expecting much, Id just like to cover shipping and a buck or two, I will entertain any trades, no matter how small. Just want to get this out of my junk drawer to someone who can use it. Always on the lookout for anything Glock or ammo. Pics and detailed descriptions on request. Thanks - Falon

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These prolly aint what you are looking for, but I dont need them, and so Ill send them out for about whatever you offer, so long as it covers shipping.... see pic.
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