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WTS/T-Nikon n50 camera,xD, Oakley Juliets, scanner, external CDRW, digital recorder,

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by UrbanKnight, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. UrbanKnight


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    Oct 10, 2002
    WTS/T- Nikon n50 camera,xD, Oakley Juliets, scanner, external CDRW, digital recorder, misc stuff
    All pics are here

    1. Nikon n50 complete camera package. I bought all of this brand new from Ritz to use for my own wedding, and haven’t used it since. Total of 12 rolls through it. Everything cannot be told from new. Even have original boxes for 99% of everything. Here is the complete list of what’s included:
    a. Nikon N50 main body- Complete AF camera, easy to use as a point and shoot( you just set it to auto and it does all the work), or use it completely maula, or anywhere in between…
    b. 35-80 AF lens Nikkor F4-5.6
    c. 70-300 AF lenses- Qaunterray- f4-5.6 Macro
    d. Quantarey Pro Flash (flash was 250 alone), Complete swivel and zom, designed to work on AF cameras
    e. Remote arm for flash- Attaches to tripod mount on bottom of camera, and exteds out to the side of the camera for a more balanced setup, and better utilization of flash.
    f. Nikon bag,strap, manuals, etc.

    Looking for $250 shipped for all of it. The lenses alone are worth that!

    2. Oakley Juliets- Fire polarized with polish lens- Newest style with angled arms, includes all paperwork, box, coin, etc. I have worn these for less than one month, not a mark- $215
    3. 256 mb xD card, from Olympus. Bought new, used once and sold camera- **SOLD**
    4. 16 mb xD card by Fuji- Came with new digital camera, never used- $20
    5. Olympus DW 90 digital recorder- Got new as a gift, never used- $45- Includes everything new, except original package- I tossed it.
    6. HP 4300c Color flatbed scanner- Bought new, used twice $30
    7. Altec Lansing ACS55 Surround sound speakers for the PC- Includes a powered sub, really booms.. creates a surrong sound effect with only 2 speakers- $35
    8. Nokia 3360 phone- As new in box, with manuals and etc been sitting a while as it was the wifes.. Was on AT&T $25- as is
    9. ZIP 250 Drive- USB interface, driver and 3 disks- $35
    10. Backpack portable CDR drive- Connects via Parallel, USB or PCMIA (all included), 32x X 10x I never used this, as new in the box $50
    11. Dell Inspirion 8xxx series palmrests- 4 colors $10

    I am not willing to send first. This is negotiable for trades, but not sales.

    I am looking to build a new high end PC system, so will trade for components leading to that, such as P4 3.06 or greater, 800FSB, AMD 64, ATI 9800’s, cases, complete setups, etc. I can add cash, trade up or down, or whatever.

    I will also trade for Best Buy, Home depot, circuit city and lowes gift cards. May also take a portable DVD player with 7” screen or bigger in trade.

    I gladly accept paypal, am business premeire certified as well.

    Ebay feedback under this name as well

    Thanks, and happy new year.


    **editted to correct lens description