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WTS/T Kahr PM40, Armalaser, Fobus holster, WWB

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SLIGHTLY used Kahr PM40 with Fobus OWB holster, Armalaser, box of Winchester WB 180 gr. I bought this gun a 3 years ago and rarely shot it. I preferred my P3AT and now I am ready to let it go. It has around 400 rounds fired with 100 of those rounds on new guide rod and spring.

I was looking to sell around $550 FTF for everything or
trade for Walther PPS
Walther P99
Seecamp .32 or .380
Beretta Tomcat
Beretta 92FS

I am up for other offers.
Hell, I am up for anything. Two cheaper guns= cool. Expensive gun= I'll pay the difference.
I just want the thing gone, so I don't have to wait for a gun show.

Let me know if you have any questions about the gun or accessories.

I would prefer FTF because I have never shipped a gun before. :wavey:

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I can sell without other items for a lower price and will ship but would need some advice before doing it. Thanks.
Where's the love? What could sweeten the deal???
edited some things to stir the pot cuz I'm bored.
Check out this gun and learn about action potentials!!!

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what is the bottom $ on gun only?(don't need laser, bullets and holster)
what is the bottom $ on gun only?(don't need laser, bullets and holster)
Every Thing Is Negotiable but, around.....

$530 FTF

$530 + all shipping fees.

PM me to discuss further.

Thanks for the interest
Entertaining ALL offers and requests.

Post something or make an offer b/c I am bored.

Don't like my price? Tell me why it is to high and I could possibly lower it.
answered. I'll keep you posted. Thanks
Trying to sell this gun by FRIDAY. Make an offer.
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