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I have a AA date code Tactical USP .45 along with the grey nylon case and everything in it. Along with 5 12rnd mags and 2 are LEO marked. 3 10rnd mags.
Had 500 rounds MAX through her. Cleaned every 30days and kept in the safe for years.
I have 1270$ into this set up.
Paid 900$ for the pistol.
50$ for each 12rnd
40$ for each 10rnd

Asking 1200$ plus any shipping costs.
Willing to take a PARTIAL trade. But need a chunk of change for a project i have going.
No Glocks please.
1911's,FN,Walther,Sig, along those lines... but not limited to
You can email me at [email protected]
Dont email me trying to low ball. Realistic offers only please.

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