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WTS/T G30 mags/G19 mags/BHP mag/ G30 holsters , 45 ACP ammo/308 match-talon-lcm

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by usma89, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. usma89


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    Sep 28, 2002
    I have:
    Tucker IWB for G30, tuckable
    retail with lip 75 45 shipped

    retail 85 45 shippecd
    Galco OWB for G30
    54 retail, 25 shipped

    3 10 rounders for G30 2 w/glock 10 ext. 1 with Pierce ext. 15 each shipped

    Browning HP mag 17 rounder military new from cheaper than dirt price tag still on for 24.95
    15 shipped

    SideArmor for G30 one belt ring broken off, other ring still good, also mag pouch for G30, 20 for both shipped

    shotgun shell boxes from Wards and Sears empty collecters items, send self addressed stamped box and you can have them 1 Wards, 2 Sears

    8 boxes of 308 Winchester Supreme match 168g bthp
    3 boxes of 308 Lake City Match 168g bthp in Winchester match boxes 15+shipping
    1 box federal 308 168bthp match
    retail from midway=22.99x12=275.88(assuming the Lake City match is the same as federal match, tough to get LCM)

    1 box banned black talon ammo, not fail safe 40 shipped

    45 ammo(in number of rounds)
    150 230g Golden saber
    50 Magtech
    25 federal hydroshock
    100 white box
    50 Win Clean
    retail from midway=15.49+17.79+18.19x6+13.92x2+14.59= 183.39
    140+ shipping

    50 rounds 100g CBD frangible ammo super hi vel.
    25 rounds of 90g CBD frangible ammo super hi vel.
    retail 75 40+ship

    9mm ammo prefer subsonic would like ammo deal to go local. I would go my 85% of retail to your 100% of retail in terms of trade value
    22/30/338 quality bullets still sealed in boxes no surplus, have plenty
    300UM brass new
    10mm Mag brass, not 10mm brass(brass used in 338 specter)
    flattop upper
    handguard systems
    New Lyman powder dispenser
    something else? Local deals are prefered because this stuff is heavy
  2. Don R

    Don R Millennium Member

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    May 23, 1999
    Got a pic of the Sidearmor? I have a naked G30. I could also use some mags. :cool: