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WTS: Used Surefire X200A. This model has the coil-type battery connectors on the battery door and inside the light (upgrade from the older versions with the metal tab). There are a few dings to the bottom portion of the light from 3-4 years of use as well as a little carbon buildup on the lens (should come off with a little elbow grease).

Currently wearing the "U" rail adapter and will ship with the "P" adapter included. The light works great, it has had 2 warranty issues, one for broken battery tabs on the battery door (upgraded by Surefire for the coil model) and it was sent back when the battery tabs inside the light broke (also upgraded to coil connectors). If you're not familiar, Surefire has a great warranty on their lights. I am only selling this because I prefer the controls on the TLR-1s and TLR-2s better and I want to keep my lights the same for commonality of use and holsters.

Asking $95/shipped. Paypal (Gift) or MO only.

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