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WTS Surefire X-200B LNIB

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I have a Surefire X-200B for sale. It's been out of the box, batteries installed and turned on maybe 10 times, for a few seconds each. I bought it to put on my Walther P-99, but then discovered that my Walther doesn't have a standard rail. :upeyes:

None of my Glocks have rails, so I basically have no use for it.

$175 shipped.
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Come on now, no one is interested in a good deal on a new Surefire X200B?

Bump. New price $165 Shipped.

Can't find better, even on E-Bay!

This is as new as if you opened the package yourself! Everything as it comes from the factory!
Before bed bump
Thanks for the pic!

Last day before Ebay! Don't let me down!
Man! You guys are gonna make me Ebay this, aren't ya?
Ok, it's listed on Ebay. If anyone wants it, you have until 10PM EDT on Friday 6/19 to let me know.

$160 shipped.
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