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WTS Surefire lights, mags, stuff and more stuff

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by NWRed, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. NWRed


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    Oct 3, 2002
    Got a pile of stuff and no gunshows for a few weeks. All prices "shipped in the CONUS".

    LNIB Surefire P111C Nitrolon weaponlight for Glocks $200 (pressure switch and constant on switch, one only)

    L1A1 SUIT Sight top cover/mount, mount wobbles but usable, $40

    L1A1 folding rear sight $20

    NIB Surefire 510A, dedicated forend for a 20" AR15. $265 ea.

    LNIB Surefire Millenium Weaponlight XA to XB conversion, convert your 125/225 lumen "A" model to a 250/550 lumen "B" model. $165 (one only)

    NIW 660 classic series with mounts, $165 ea. (Barrel mounted detachable 65 Lumen light)

    NIW F12 IR filters for Surefire lights with 1.375" dia. bezels $55 ea. (Fits classic series weaponslight/Z32 shock isolated bezels and Nitrolon weaponslights)

    NIW Surefire A17 offset adapters $115 ea. (allows you to move the lamp/laser where you want/need it)

    LNIB Surefire 620T Remington 11-87/1100 forend
    Pressure pad and constant on flag switch $235 (one only)

    NIB Surefire forends for Remington 870/Moss 500
    $175 ea.

    Classic series light body for a S&W 59 weaponlight $65 (this is the body/pressure switch and the accs for installing it, but no lamp module, lamp or batteries included, one only)

    Thermold AR15 30-45 expandable magazines, holds up to 45 rounds of .223 when expanded. $60 ea.

    Thermold M14/M1A 20 round magazines, like new if not new $29 ea.

    Beretta 92 Factory hi caps $33,(work fine but I wont say the blueing is perfect)

    Sig 228 Factory hi caps $45 (same deal, work fine, but aren't new)

    1 NIW Mp5/Hk94 40 round(?) mag $35
    Factory Beretta 15 round 92SB (Euro pinky style mag release only) :$25
    Factory Daewoo DP51 9mm 13 round hi caps: $35 ea.
    S&W Factory .45 ACP 7 rnd magazine SS
    w/yellow follower $15 (fits 457)
    Factory S&W .40SW 9 rnd SS (blue follower/red pinky rest fits 4013TSW)$15
    Factory Sig Sauer 226 9mm 10 rnd blued $15
    Factory Taurus 9mm compact 12 rnd SS $20

    Streamlight M3 adapters for a Sig 226 & 220, $35 ea.

    50" Tactical Belts, double layered 5 stitch belts that are firm enough to hold up your pants, you pistol, and your gear. $33 ea.

    Wilcox Nightstalker Vertical grip/light with AR15 bbl mount, $105 (pressure switch is nonfunctioning, on/off switch works fine)

    Pics of everything available by email. MOs and bank issued checks only. Feel free to email with any questions. Thanks for looking,